What Type of QA Testing Do You Need?

If you’re not sure what type of QA testing you need, that’s okay! We can give you a free evaluation or custom estimate, with absolutely no pressure to proceed. You can also read definitions below to learn more about your options when it comes to QA testing.

Different Types of QA

If you haven’t worked with QA before, seeing references to the different types can get confusing. Here’s a simple, plain English breakdown:

Manual QA Testing (icon of a hand holding a phone)Manual Testing

If you’re familiar with QA testing, this is most likely what comes to mind first. Manual testing involves a QA tester using an app/website in different ways to try to find bugs/issues. For example, they could try logging in with incorrect credentials to make sure that an error message appears, or clicking different links to check for 404 errors. If you only have the budget for one type of QA, manual is most important. Without it, crucial user experience issues can be missed, and it’s lower cost than automated QA.


Automated Testing (lightbulb icon)Automated Testing

Automated testing is becoming more and more popular. While it shouldn’t replace manual, it’s beneficial to at least have a minimum amount of automation in place so that you’ll know immediately of any urgent issues. For example, you could have automation to check that the site is up and loads within 3 seconds at all times, or to ensure that purchases are going through successfully.


Performance Testing (rocket ship icon)Performance/Load Testing

Performance and load testing are for checking how many users your site or app can support at once, and how these numbers affect loading speed. Load testing can even tell you the exact number of users your software can support before crashing!

If you’re a very small business without many users, you likely don’t need performance/load testing. Your product isn’t likely to have any significant performance issues if you don’t have reason to expect to get more than a few dozen users at a time anytime soon. If you have an enterprise product or anticipate more than 200 users at once, performance testing can be really helpful.


API Testing (cloud icon with up and down arrows)API Testing

API testing involves using special software/tools to make sure that your APIs are sending and receiving data correctly. (If you’re not sure what an API is, check out our blog post What is API Testing?) For example, a QA tester could verify that when a user signs up for your website, their user account is successfully created in the database. API testing can be done manually, or with automated scripts.


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